And That’s a Wrap from the Cannes Film Festival!

Closing Ceremony - Cannes
And that’ a wrap from Cannes. I spent 11 amazing days absorbing as much as I could in the world’s most prestigious film festival.
The jury of the 67th Festival de Cannes, presided over by Jane Campion, announced the prize winners during the Awards Ceremony Saturday, May 24th, 2014.Below is a list of who won and for what award. I have to say this year’s Cannes Film Festival was amazing on so many levels. Just finding the time to do a little bit of everything was the biggest challenge. Until next year….

Palme d’or

Grand Prix

Best Director Award

Jury Prize ex-aequo
ADIEU AU LANGAGE (Goodbye to language) by Jean-Luc GODARD

Best Screenplay Award

Best Actress Award

Best Actor Award
Timothy SPALL in MR. TURNER by Mike LEIGH


Palme d’or  

Special Mention – Ex-aequo
JA VI ELSKER (Yes we love) by Hallvar WITZØ


Un Certain Regard Prize
FEHÉR ISTEN by Kornél Mundruczó

Jury Prize
TURIST by Ruben Östlund

Un Certain Regard Special Prize
THE SALT OF THE EARTH by Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado

Ensemble Prize
PARTY GIRL by Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger and Samuel Theis

Best Actor Award
David Gulpilil in CHARLIE’S COUNTRY by Rolf de Heer

PARTY GIRL by Marie AMACHOUKELI, Claire BURGER, Samuel THEIS presented in the Un Certain Regard Selection


First Prize
SKUNK by Annie Silverstein University of Texas at Austin, USA

Second Prize
OH LUCY! by Atsuko Hirayanagi,YU Tisch School of the Arts Asia, Singapore

Joint Third Prize
LIEVITO MADRE by Fulvio Risuleo,Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Italy

National Film and Television School, United Kingdom

The Jury of the CST has awarded the VULCAN AWARD OF THE TECHNICAL ARTIST to: 
Dick POPE, director of photography, for bringing to light the works of Turner in the movie  MR. TURNER by Mike LEIGH

Mommy, The Film Review at Cannes Film Festival

Xavier Dolan Mommy photocall Cannes 2014
The latest work from now 25 year old Xavier Dolan, widely considered the best director prodigy in the film industry, presented his 5th full length feature, Mommy.
This is Dolan’s first feature to be in competition in the main category Palme d’Or of the Cannes Film Festival.
This film follows a widowed mother Diane (portrayed by Anne Dorval), her difficult and angst filled teenage son Steven (Antoine Oliver Pilon) and their timid but mentally disturbed neighbor Kyla (Suzanne Clement).  The stage is set for a tumultuous ride and potentially heart wrenching ending with simple wording of a futuristic law in Canada that permits parents of a minor to involuntarily commit the minor indefinitely without due process of law.
Dorval gives a masterful performance as a widowed lower class unemployed harlot caught between the need to pursue her own path after the devastating loss of her husband three years prior and the saving her son from jail or commitment after he spent the majority of time since his father’s death in juvenile detention, with no real end in sight.  Dorval’s character chooses to attempt having him live with her.  Pilon also gives a stunningly convincing portrayal of the out of control Steven, who swings back and forth from tyrannical rage to his calm point of being a rude, uncouth, agitated troublemaker.  Clement adds a calming influence to Pilon’s character after a horrifying exchange of two characters who both possess significant inner demons.
Dolan tempered the mood of the film with happy times the three shared together with brilliant camerawork and settings.  All of this led to an ending that surely was foreseeable as Pilon’s character was taken to commitment.  The scene was disguised well for the unsuspecting viewer as they took a trip to the lake for a day of frolic just before hand, much like a bad pet owner may take an undisciplinable dog for one last hurrah before dropping them off at the pound.  The heartache and struggle of the scene was very powerful as Dorval’s character had regret, while Pilon’s was out of control.
While the film was dark, it offered some insight into the struggles of people dealing with loved ones with significant mental health problems that are often hard to believe unless you witness them yourself, as well as the choices and consequences one must face when the hard decision must be made.

“Ultimate Wedding Planner Movie” Has “Sexy” Party At Cannes Film Festival


The Cannes Film Festival is always full of surprises where else can you run in to celebrities from every nation, from opera stars to actresses, super models, to royal families all in place, in one week!!

Cannes is also the place for the best parties. I ended up at a party for the production company Sea Star Films, the producers of Planet Fashion TV. It was held at the Carlton Hotel, and was a formal sunset cocktail with a couture fashion show.
In attendance were some royals from both Sweden and Germany. Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Princess Elna Margaret zu Bentheim were seen sipping a new sparkling rose wine called “Sexy”. This new wine seemed to be a big hit, several models and actresses were seen holding the bottles of the sexy wine and posing with it in i-phone pictures, you know to show that they were “Sexy”. Ha.

H10A5522 10380524_10152846504734202_7845501874363522603_o

The fashion show was a mix from several international designers, including Olena Dats from Ukraine, Sophie Reyes from France, Athea Couture from Milan and Nicole Coste from Monaco. The Nicole Coste that had the child with Prince Albert of Monaco, out of wedlock, which also happens to be the only male heir. Then there was a feature from the famous designer Claude Bonucci who has designed for male celebrities including the singer Prince. Bonucci has even designed for the James Bond movies. He sent a glorious gold suit down the runway on male supermodel Myc Agnew, you may know him from the Gucci ads.

Also in attendance was one of the founders of Google, Marcel Van Lohuizen, as well as a smattering of American and British celebrities. The party was in honor of a new film that Sea Star Films released at Cannes, a documentary about the largest wedding planner in the world. He’s a Japanese man named Yoshi Nojiri, and he was the youngest person in Japan to take a company public. In the gift bag among anti-aging creams and wine decanters were copies of the movie trailer for “The Ultimate Wedding Planner Movie.”


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