Introducing Kate Moss’s little Sister: Lottie Moss

Photo Credit: Storm Agency

Meet Lottie Moss, the little sister of none other than the style icon herself, Kate Moss. She just may be the next big thing in the fashion world. She launched her modeling career at 16 when she signed with Storm Modeling Agency. Beyond that she recently graced the cover of Vogue, is creating a buzz on Instagram and is a British tabloid favorite already. She reminds of us a young Candace Bergen. We see a bright future ahead of her. We even like the name: Lottie.

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Bentley’s New SUV


Bentley’s New SUV

The Bentley Benteyga is intended to set new benchmarks for performance and luxury. Bentley says in a release that it is reaffirming its commitment to the ultra-luxury SUV which is says will be both the fastest and the most luxurious in the world. Its coming out late 2015.

Besides Bentley other luxury cars have decided to jump into the SUV game.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan will be an off road capable SUV. It is described as being “able to cross any terrain.”

Lamborghini will release an SUV in 2018.

Maserati Levante is an SUV that is believed to be based on the Kubang SUV concept that Maserati displayed at auto shows a few years ago. No release date is set for it.

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Worlds First Under Water Hotel Delays Opening

The world’s first underwater hotel has announced that is will delay it’s opening, despite having a waiting list of people willing to pay the $16,000 a week room charge. The company, Poseidon Resorts now says that it will take another six years to be open and they have already been working on tis for 13 years.

The luxury resort is 40 feet under water in a lagoon in Fiji.

Each suite boasting a large Jacuzzi and wall-to-ceiling windows.

Seventy per cent of the exterior surface of each suite is make from transparent acrylic making the undersea views panoramic, and each suite will have underwater lights controllable from an inside switch and an external fish feeder, promising eye-popping views of multi-coloured marine life.

Forty feet under the sea in an off-shore lagoon, the luxury resort is set to house 25 suites, as well as a restaurant, bar, gym, and even an underwater wedding chapel.


On shore the resort will have a reception area, restaurant and lounge, swimming pool, luxury spa and hydrotherapy centre, gift shop and tennis courts as well as a nine-hole golf course and a marina. There will also be a dive shop with recompression chamber.

The resort will have a private plane to fly guests to and from Nadi International Airport on the main island of Viti Levu.

An estimated 150,000 people have registered to be guests. The company has not released a reason for the delay but some fear it may not ever open.


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