Yes Janet Is Back!


We looooove Janet Jackson. She represents everything good about the 80’s. Forget about the Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction 90’s. We love those awesome videos that she had and her music that was everything from pop, dance, electronic, to sexy soul grooves. Speaking of which she has a new album coming out and a new song that is super slow jam smooth, called No Sleep. The song was uploaded on Youtube a day ago and already had over a million listens. I guess we’re not the only ones ready for Ms. Jackson’s return.

She’s dedicated her album to her husband, Wissam Al Man, the younger Arab billionaire she married a few years ago. She’s been living with him in Qatar the richest country in the world per capita but also a strict Muslim country. You’ve got to ender how she likes living there?



Anyway we guess life has been good because she still looks great.


Yes Janet Is Back!

Granny Hair: Love Or Hate It?

Granny 5

Ok so Buzzfeed says the hottest trend on Instgram is Granny Hair. Hottest trend? I think that’s a stretch, but there is no doubt that the new style of silver gray locks is making its way all over the place. Maybe it started with Game Of Thrones? The thought is absolutely chilling to me personally. I watched my mom gray early and she has been dying her hair chestnut color to banish the gray since I was young. I do think its really bold and gutsy and even really pretty in a bizarre kind of way. To do it you have to go to a salon. They literally bleach your hair completely white and then add silver tones; can’t be healthy for your locks but anyway here are our favorite Granny Hair examples.

Granny Hair: Love Or Hate It?

anny7 Granny1 Granny3 Granny6 Granny7 Granny2

Camilla Akrans Photography- So Amazing


Camilla Akranz the photographer self photo


Fashion would be nothing without amazing photography. We love featuring our favorite photographers and Camilla Akrans is definitely one of the best. Its funny how often I’ll look at editorials and I’m unknowingly drawn to a photographer’s work.  It happened to me a couple of times this week. I fell in love with a picture and looked up the photographer and it was Camilla Akrans. I saw another photo that I thought was really striking and looked up the photographer and it was again Camilla Akrans.

She’s Scandinavian like another one of our photographer faves Solve Sundsbo.  There is a certain play with light that is similar between the two, but I hate to compare because they really are so original. She’s from Stockholm Sweden. She works mainly in Paris and New York.

She has been behind major editorial campaigns around the globe. Hew work is cinematic and emotional.

See for yourself. We love love love it!

Camilla Camilla2 Camilla3 Camilla4 Camilla5 Camilla6 Camilla7 Camilla8 Camilla9 Camilla10 Camilla12 Camilla11




Camilla Akrans Photography- So Amazing

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